Helen Mack
Nov. 13, 1913 - Aug. 13, 1986


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The picture that started it all!


Welcome to the only website on the internet (that I know of) that is solely dedicated to preserving the memory and works of actress Helen Mack. Helen was much more than an actress. So much more...

Helen Mack is one of the earliest examples of pioneering women who were successful in the entertainment industry, first as a performer and then orchestrating behind the scenes. Helen started her career as a child actress in silent films, moving on to Broadway plays, and touring the vaudeville circuit. Later success (as an actress) was as a leading lady in the 1930's and early '40's. Eventually Helen transitioned into performing on radio, and then into writing, directing, and producing some of the best known radio shows during the Golden Age of Radio. Later in life Helen billed herself as a professional writer, writing for Broadway, stage, and television. Helen's career spanned the infancy of the motion picture industry, the beginnings of Broadway, the final days of Vaudeville, the transition to "talkies", the Golden Age of Radio, and the rise of television. Helen blazed a path years ahead of her time, and laid the groundwork for many other women to follow.

My goal, when I started this project, was to learn more about this mysterious lady, who seems to have gone unnoticed since the late 1930's. This project has turned into a crusade to uncover and publish the life and times of a beautiful lady everyone seems to have forgotten.

My work is not complete - far from it. But, along the way I have uncovered many interesting facts and facets regarding this wonderful person. It is my hope to be able to create THE comprehensive source on Helen Mack. I welcome any inquiries, help, suggestions, and information. I will not leave any stone unturned until I have completed her history, from A to Z.

Website Layout

When I originally designed the website, I had never designed a website. Over time, as I collected many different artifacts, the site grew, and pages were added to accomodate all the additions. You will find that it has many layers and complexities to it. Half the fun, I suppose, is navigating around and finding those "hidden" areas that contain more information. Please take care to look for the links. Mostly you'll find them in the margins on the right, or in the body of the text.

I need to do some updates to links that don't work, etc. Any new additions will have a next to it.

Please be sure to leave a message in my new Guest Book, in the Menu on the left.

I look forward to sharing with you all that I have learned about Helen.

Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest!

~ Daryl Curtis (November 2014)

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