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Publicity Photos - Various

THE BEGINNING -- Helen Mack, Paramount player, started her career as a child actress in "Success" a film starring Brandon Tynan.

Note: Helen is 10 years old in this picture from 1923.

Early picture - 1928 or 29?

Undated photo - My favorite picture

HMack Hawaiian 2.jpg (28763 bytes)

Undated photo

HMack Picturegoer March 31 1934a.jpg (47391 bytes)

Cover photo of "Picturegoer" magazine (3/31/1934), a British publication

NAUTICAL BUT NICE. The jolly life of a sailer holds a decided lure for Helen Mack, petite player in RKO-Radio Pictures. The cameraman snapped this picture of Helen while she was enjoying a cruise off Catalina Island on the twenty-seven-foot sailboat, "Jamboree."

Note: this picture was shot at the same time as the one above for the cover of "Picturegoer". The photo was taken by John Miehle.

Bathing Suit.JPG (76368 bytes)

Picture from a Swedish Film magazine, "Filmjournalen", dated July 29, 1934

HMack and dog.jpg (75519 bytes)

Photo from magazine (unknown), undated. Caption reads:

"This is no Scotch joke," says Helen Mack, as she teaches Hoot Mon, her Scottish terrier, how to take a proper pride in his personal appearance.

Helen Mack, recent screen sensation, and her mother, snapped enroute from the studio cafe to the set where Miss Mack is appearing with Robert Armstrong in "Son of Kong," a sequel to "King Kong." Mother and daughter are inseparables, for Mrs. Mack sold everything she owned when Helen was a girl of 7, to give her a chance on the stage. (Aug. 12, 1933)

Note: The above information would mean that Helen's mom (Regina Lenzer McDougall) would have possibly moved with Helen from Rock Island, Illinois to New York City in 1920. Helen was enrolled in the Professional Children's School in 1921. Also, this caption seems to indicate that Helen's father was not around - possibly died?

Baby Shower.jpg (117690 bytes)

An Associated Press photo. Caption reads:

Film actresses at baby shower for Helen Mack

Beverly Hills, Calif., Jan. 22, 1936 -- A baby shower was given in honor of Helen Mack, screen actress, known in private life as Mrs. Charles Irwin, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lloyd (Mildred Davis) here today. Among those who attended, left to right:(

Dorothy Stone, Peggy Wood, Glenda Farrell, Paula Stone, Gail Patrick, Mrs. Harold Lloyd and Helen Mack.

Postcard from Uruguay (1934 or 1935)

This was a Universal Pictures publicity photo from 1938 or 1939. This is one of those "cheescake/sweater" pics that became popular in the '40's. I like it in that it is a different type of pose than what I have seen before.

No caption on back - The girl behind the counter has a University of Minnesota marking on her outfit. Possibly a promo for some event.

Publicity Photos - Fox Studios

Geisha Fox 32a.jpg (101172 bytes)         


HMack_Powolny_32a.jpg (47137 bytes)

Frank Powolny portrait -1932

Publicity Photos - Paramount Pictures

HMack 7.jpg (34670 bytes)              

1934 to 1935

HMack Sailer 34-35a.jpg (21502 bytes)

3/19/34 - Caption on back reads:

SAILOR BEWARE! -- for someone has 'stolen' your stuff. Helen Mack, Paramount player in "All of Me", with George Raft, looks mighty nautical and nice in her white linen suit with navy braid. The top of the one-piece frock is also navy with an embroidered anchor 'midship'.

Paramount Luncheon 1934.jpg (51290 bytes)

Updated FILM NEWCOMERS GET TOGETHER - A number of screen newcomers and executives were brought together for the first time when Emanuel Cohen, Paramount's production head, played host at a luncheon party in the studio cafe. Shown here, left to right, are Helen Mack, Ida Lupino, Joe Morrison and Evelyn Venable, now contract players.

HMack7a.jpg (16656 bytes)

House.jpg (78747 bytes)                 

ENJOYING REST -- Helen Mack, Paramount featured player, on the porch of her Hollywood home enjoying a few leisure hours between sequences of her new picture, "The Lemon Drop Kid." (1934)


A rough translation of the important information on the back:

2. Consequence          300 pictures

No. 126

Photo: Paramount

Publishing House: "Steed"


Supplement to the noble cigarette also

WITHOUT Mdsstck.

Not sure of studio or date

GOING AFT - are the nautical pins which the younger set will sponsor in costume jewelery. Helen Mack, Paramount player appearing in "All of Me", defies tradition and pins her new sailboat pin on one corner of the sailer collar on her new white linen sports ensemble. It looks like smooth sailing for Helen as well as for that lucky little ship.

"The Silent Witness", Fox Film Corporation, 1932

The Silen Witness Movie Flyer.pdf

A movie flyer for "The Silent Witness". The movie played at the ROXY, starting on Friday, September 30th, 1932. Not sure what city this theater was located in.

"While Paris Sleeps", Fox Film Corporation, 1932

Victor McLaglen, Helen Mack, and William Bakewell



Another Powolny portrait - Look at how young she appears! Frank Powolny was quite an exceptional photographer - very well known for his work in Hollywood. The one on the right is a favorite of mine.

Helen Mack and William Bakewell

For video frame captures from the film, click here


"Blind Adventure", RKO Radio Pictures, 1933

Blind Adventure.jpg (39344 bytes)                                        

                                                                                                              Helen, Robert Armstrong  (Note: the picture is reversed!)

Helen between takes

"Melody Cruise", RKO Radio Pictures, 1933

Melody Cruise.jpg (14422 bytes)

Tobacco Card - Phil Harris, Helen


"All Of Me", Paramount Pictures, 1934

HMack and George Raft.jpg (38766 bytes)          AllOfMe.jpg (68429 bytes)

George Raft, Helen


Collector's Card (front and back - 1 of 48)

* Note: The card mentions that Helen will be in the lead role for "Honour Bright" and "It's a Pleasure to Live." These must be working titles, as the films do not show up in IMDB.com.


"The Lemon Drop Kid", Paramount Pictures, 1934

                                                    HMack LemonDropKid 1.jpg (188990 bytes)     HMack LemonDropKid 3.jpg (132861 bytes)                          HMack LemonDropKid 2.jpg (53897 bytes) 

                                                    Tobacco Card                                    Lee Tracy, Helen

"College Rhythm", Paramount Pictures, 1934

          College Rhythm Sheet Music.jpg (1320711 bytes)

Lee Tracy, Helen            Sheet Music

* The sheet music copy w/autographs was provided to me courtesy of John Firca. You'll note that Helen does not appear on the cover. She autographed the sheet music in 1970.

From "Popular Song Hits", Vol. 2, #8, 1934

VELVET ACCESSORIES - will accent many of this fall's smartest fashions. Here is Helen Mack, Paramount player in "College Rhythm" wearing a blue velvet hat which goes with the blue wool frock also trimmed in velvet. Short sleeves are novel this season under coats but must have gauntlet gloves of velvet to complete the picture when the coat is off.  (Feb. 13, 1935)


"Kiss And Make Up", Paramount Pictures, 1934

                                                              HMack Kiss and Make Up 1.jpg (139093 bytes)          HMack Kiss and Make Up 2.jpg (173770 bytes)                                                     

                                                                                     Tobacco card             

Kiss and Make Up 2.jpg (40470 bytes)

Photo dated June 18, 1934. Caption reads:

Dotted Swiss in brown and white was used to create this little summer frock for Helen Mack, Paramount player, to wear in B. P. Schulberg's "Kiss and Make Up". The full puff sleeves and stand-up collar are edged with fine lace, and a small bow of brown velvet appears at the rounded V-neck. A bolt of narrow velvet is at the waist.

Note: Special thanks to Cindy Beadell for this photo.

British Postcard, No. K 57, "Cameo" Series

Helen Mack, Cary Grant, E.E. Horton, Genevieve Tobin

"You Belong To Me", Paramount Pictures, 1934

YBTM34.jpg (101157 bytes)

Movie Poster

HMack 6a.jpg (32643 bytes)

Behind scenes photo, dated 7/2/34. Caption on back reads:

LEISURE -- A very informal shot of Helen Mack sitting by the microphone boom watching Lee Tracy doing a scene for their Paramount Picture, "You Belong to Me".

You Belong To Me BTS2.jpg (388649 bytes)

 Behind scenes photo. Caption on back reads:

GUESS WHO - Why this is a shot of Helen Mack rehearsing with Mr. Blank on the set of Paramount's "You Belong To Me". Behind the "prop" nose we discover Lee Tracy.

Scene from "You Belong To Me"

"Four Hours To Kill", Paramount Pictures, 1935

ROMANTIC INTERLUDE - It was just in the picture, of course, and maybe there is no heart throb here, but anyway it reveals the nice composition that a boy and a girl and a staircase can make. The boy and girl are Helen Mack and Richard Barthelmess, who are appearing with Gertrude Michael in Paramount's "Night Drama".

Note: Obviously the working title was changed to "Four Hours To Kill." As the caption says Helen did not have any major scene time with Richard. This particular photo was part of Hollywood cinematographer William A. Sickner's personal collection.

"She", RKO Radio Pictures, 1935

HMack She 35a.jpg (109915 bytes)

Nigel Bruce, Helen, Randolph Scott

She revised.jpg (54381 bytes)

Movie still from the 1949 re-release of the film. Pictured L to R is Nigel Bruce, Randolph Scott, Helen, and Helen Gahagan.

"The Return of Peter Grimm", RKO Radio Pictures, 1935

This is an unusual photo, in that it is 11"x17" in dimension, and is not an official studio publicity shot. It apparently is a behind the scenes shot, or at least a still from the movie taken by a photographer, but it does not have any studio markings. It is interesting, none the less. Two of the actors (from L to R) are Helen (of course) and Lionel Barrymore. I'm not sure of the last person pictured. 


Tobacco card issued by Gallaher Ltd.

"You Can't Buy Luck", RKO Radio Pictures, 1936

You Can't Buy Luck.jpg (49823 bytes)

This is an RKO publicity photo, made at the time of the release of "You Can't Buy Luck." The caption reads:

Traveling Costume For The Bride

The bride's going away outfit could be an ensemble of pistacio green tweed nubbed in lilac as worn by Helen Mack, leading lady in RKO Radio's "You Can't Buy Luck." The smart dress is a shirtmaker type, with a well cut skirt and high waistline. The cape just clears the hipline and is entirely banded in red fox. Helen's hat, which was designed to give her height, is of brown felt with drapings of light green chiffon bands.

Borrowed Time.jpg (111399 bytes)

The photo caption reads:

BT-31. Helen Mack, Ann Gilles and Onslow Stevens in a scene from RKO Radio's "Borrowed Time," race-track murder mystery, in which Miss Mack and Stevens have the leading roles.

Note: This movie was also known as "Borrowed Time" 

You Can't Buy Luck 2.jpg (245666 bytes)

 Helen, Onslow Stevens (April 1937)

"The Milky Way", Paramount Pictures, 1936

0,,128048-360-240-ims-ex,00.jpg (20859 bytes)                                      

                                                             Helen, Harold Lloyd                        

The Milky Way 1.jpg (268693 bytes)

 William Gargan, Helen

This is a Paramount publicity photo, made at the time of the release of "The Milky Way." The caption reads:

RAVEN TOP---in white organdy. And it adds up to this winsome portrait of Helen Mack, who is cast as Harold Lloyd's sister, and the romantic interest opposite William Gargan in Paramount's "The Milky Way."

"I Promise To Pay", Columbia Pictures, 1937

HMack Lang 37a.jpg (42313 bytes)

Helen, Chester Morris

JOHN WALLACE, head of Columbia Studios' makeup department, uses a brow pencil to emphasize the line of the eyebrow. He is shown giving the finishing touches to the makeup of Helen Mack, petite brunette actress, appearing in the forthcoming Columbia production "I Promise to Pay" in which she heads the cast with Chester Morris and Leo Carrillo. D. Ross Lederman directed.      

April 27, 1937                     Photo by A. L. Schafer

PENSIVE BUT NOT PLAINTIVE IS BLACK-HAIRED, BROWN-EYED HELEN MACK, among the more talented of Hollywood's younger generation of screen veterens. Off the screen for more than a year to become the proud mother of six-months-old John Michael Irwin, Miss Mack is now combining motherhood and matrimony with her career - and doing excellently at all three! She makes her return to the screen in Columbia's "I Promise to Pay", directed by D. Ross Lederman, with Chester Morris and Leo Carrillo.

"Fit For A King", RKO Radio Pictures, 1937

HMack Fit For A Kinga.jpg (39339 bytes)

Joe E. Brown, Helen

"The Last Train From Madrid", Paramount Pictures, 1937

Last Train From Madrid.jpg (26454 bytes)

BIT OF BY PLAY - between Anthony Quinn, Helen Mack and Lionel Atwill, all of whom are appearing along with Robert Cummin, Gilbert Roland and others in Paramount's topical melodrama, "Last Train From Madrid."

"The Wrong Road", Republic Pictures, 1937

Richard Cromwell and Helen Mack

"King Of The Newsboys",  Republic Pictures, 1938

HMack 5.jpg (889511 bytes)

Behind the scenes shot

"Secrets Of A Nurse", Universal Pictures, 1938

Secrets of a Nurse.jpg (94512 bytes)

Movie Poster

West Side Miracle.jpg (63665 bytes)

Photo caption reads:

859-46 AD     "West Side Miracle"    Universal

Helen Mack as "katherine MacDonald" and Dick Foran as "Lee Burke."

Note: "West Side Miracle" apparently was the working title.

"Gambling Ship", Universal Pictures, 1939

Joseph Sawyer, Helen Mack

* Thanks to Scott Storm for pointing out that the actor shown with Helen is Joseph Sawyer, not Selmer Jackson      ~ D.C.  5/26/06

"Mystery Of The White Room", Universal Pictures, 1939

Mystery of The White Room.jpg (60469 bytes)

Photo caption reads:

H.M. F-7    "Mystery Of The White Room"    Universal

A bouquet of shaded violets sits pertly atop this tiny sailor of white angora felt selected by Helen Mack. Light violet square mesh of veiling lends soft flattery to the severe brim and Helen has a chic little Easter bonnet to complement her costume of shirred silk crepe in the same tone as the veiling. Helen has recently completed the leading feminine role in Universal's "Mystery Of The White Room". (From the Broadway Hollywood)

Note: The plot line in the movie has a LOT of holes in it. Helen, along with her co-stars do a great job. Unfortunately, the material was sub-par.


"I Stand Accused", Republic Pictures, 1939

I Stand Accused revised.jpg (72158 bytes)         I Stand Accused 2.jpg (87628 bytes)

Robert Cummings, Helen

Helen, Robert Cummings, Tommy Beck

Robert Cummings as Fred, Helen Mack as Alison in "I STAND ACCUSED" a Republic picture.

Tommy Beck as Paul, Helen Mack as Alison, Robert Cummings as Fred, Leona Roberts as Mrs. Davis in "I STAND ACCUSED" a Republic picture.

"Calling All Marines", Republic Pictures, 1939

CallingAllMarines.jpg (103077 bytes)

Donald Berry, Helen


"Girls Of The Road", Columbia Pictures, 1940

HMack Girls 40.jpg (202876 bytes)         

"Divorce", Monogram Pictures Corp., 1945

Bruce Cabot, Helen Mack, Kay Francis

Released Aug. 18, 1945





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