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Helen Mack - 16 yrs old?
Helen Mack
Nov. 13, 1913 - Aug. 13, 1986

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bulletProduction Company:   RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
bulletRelease Date (US):   December 22nd, 1933
bulletRuntime:   70 minutes
bulletColor:   Black and White
bulletCurrently Available?:


Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong), the man who brought King Kong to New York City is being sued by the city for all the death and destruction caused by King Kong. He decides to pack up and skip town to avoid all the trouble. He meets up with his old friend, Captain Englehorn (Frank Reicher) and together decide to sail away to adventure. 

They dock on a small South Pacific island and meet Hilda (Helen Mack), who is performing in a small "circus", headed up by her father. Unfortunately for everyone, a down and out loser by the name of Helstrom (John Marston) is also on the island. He ends up in a drunken fight with Hilda's father and kills him. The only one who knows what happened is Hilda, and Helstrom tries to scare her into silence. When he can't persuade her to keep quiet, he decides to flee the island. 

Helstrom meets Denham and Englehorn in a bar on the island. He convinces Carl Denham and Captain Englehorn to sail off to Kong Island in pursuit of treasure. Helstrom had dealings with Denham before, so Denham is a little suspicious, but goes forward with the treasure hunt. About the time the men set sail, Hilda pleads with Denham to take her with them. He refuses, telling her that she should not be mixed up with them, that the trip could be dangerous. She has other plans and becomes a stowaway.

The adventurers reach Kong Island, but before they can set foot on the island, Helstrom convinces the crew to maroon Denham, Englehorn, and Hilda. The crew, on the other hand, decide to include Helstrom in that marooned party. The Chinese cook, Charlie (Victor Wong) joins the group of his own free will.

The tiny band of adventurers land on the shore of Kong Island, only to be greeted by the local natives and told to leave or else! The group, having nowhere else to go, turn around and find another spot on the island to land. This time they end up deep in the interior of the island. 

Denham and Hilda set off to scout out the island. They immediately come across Baby Kong, who is stuck in quicksand. After some convincing by Hilda, Denham helps Baby Kong get out of his predicament. This act of kindness is rewarded when Kong ends up being Denham's and Hilda's "guardian angel." He fends off a cave bear and dinosaurs.

While Denham and Hilda are searching for the treasure, the rest of the group get holed up in a cave when a dinosaur tries to eat them for lunch. Eventually they escape and rejoin the rest in search of the treasure. At that point Helstrom's lies are found out and Helstrom runs off towards the boat. He ends up getting eaten by a dinosaur. The captain, Charlie, and Hilda end up with the boat. Just when you think its safe, and earthquake starts to destroy the island, so the little group sets off to save themselves.

Meanwhile Denham finds the treasure (with the help of Baby Kong). That is when the earthquake hits and he and Baby Kong try to save themselves. The whole island starts to sink into the sea. Baby Kong continues to protect Denham. At the very end, Kong gets his leg caught and is going down with the island. In a last desperate act, he holds Denham up above the water until the group in the boat come to Denham's rescue.

The adventurers end up being picked up by a passing ship and presumably end up living happily ever after.

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Personal Notes

This is a great, entertaining film. Helen has quite a large part in this film and does a remarkable job.


Helen gets to sing "The Runaway Blues", which is the first time I've heard her sing. 


This film is currently out of print, but was re-released by Turner Home Entertainment in 1991. I found my copy on E-bay. There are copies available at 

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Bits and Pieces

Get all the details about this film  from Internet Movie DataBase here.

bulletSome of the island scenes were done on Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California. 
bulletThe dock scenes were filmed at the Santa Monica Pier in California. 
bulletThis was the sequel to "King Kong", and was made and released the same year as "King Kong". The island sets were also used in the movie "The Most Dangerous Game", a movie that was also done by RKO.
bulletMax Steiner composed the wonderful music heard in this movie. Click here for more info on the score.
bulletInfo about the sea monster prop here

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Favorite Scenes
There are several scenes that I really enjoyed.
bulletI liked the scene where Helen sings.
bulletThe other scenes that I enjoyed were of the stop motion scenes with Baby Kong and the dinosaurs. These were very well done.
bulletAnother scene that was good is where Robert Armstrong and Helen Mack are spending the night alone on the island, separated from the rest of the group. There is some good dialogue.
bulletThe other scene that I thouroughly enjoyed was the destruction of the island. It was very dramatic.
bulletMy favorite scene, however, is when Baby Kong saves Denham even though he is being dragged down by the island. It is very moving and sad. 

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On a scale of 1 to 10:
bulletStory:                                                  5
bulletFilm Quality:                                      8
bulletWorth Watching:                            10
bulletAppearances by Helen:              10
bulletOVERALL RATING:          8.1

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Movie Poster for "Son Of Kong"

Hilda (Helen Mack) and Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) come face to face with Baby Kong, who was stuck in quicksand on Kong Island.

Hilda and Denham provide first aid to Baby Kong after he was bit by a prehistoric bear.

Hilda's father  and Helstrom (John Marston) have a drink. Helstrom ends up killing Hilda's father.

The Chinese cook Charlie (Victor Wong), Carl Denham, Helstrom, Capt. Englehorn (Frank Reicher), and Hilda land on Kong Island after being marooned by the crew of the S.S. Venture.

Baby Kong

Baby Kong helps Denham find the treasure.

Helstrom meets his fate

Behind the scenes shot

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