Hollywood On The Air



Note: The following information was taken from RadioGOLDINdex.

21753. Hollywood On The Air. May 29, 1933. NBC net. Sustaining. The film, "Melody Cruise" is promoted. The first sixteen minutes of the program only. Harry Jackson and His Orchestra, Phil Harris (vocal), June Brewster, Shirley Chambers, Helen Mack. 16 minutes. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

The interview is with Phil Harris. The sound recording includes an excerpt from the movie, "Melody Cruise", and it features probably the best scene in the film - the one where Helen's character is introduced. To listen to Helen, you'll have to fast forward to the very end of the recording. Click here to listen to this partial interview. The link takes you to  www.Radiolovers.com . When you get to the new page, click on the link that says Phil Harris - Incomplete.