Movie Company

1923 * Success      Metro Pictures Corp.
1923 * Little Red School House
1923 * Zaza        Paramount Pictures Corp.
1923 * Under The Red Robe Goldwyn Distributing Corp.
1924 * Grit W. W. Hodkinson Corp.
1924 * Pied Piper Malone Paramount Pictures Corp.

     * Silent Films

1931 The Struggle D.W. Griffith Productions
1932 Silent Witness Fox Film Corporation
1932 While Paris Sleeps Fox Film Corporation
1933 Sweepings RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1933 The California Trail Columbia Pictures Corp.
1933 Melody Cruise RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1933 Blind Adventure RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1933 Christopher Bean Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
1933 Fargo Express KBS Productions Inc.
1933 Son of Kong        Updated RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1934 All of Me Paramount Pictures
1934 Kiss and Make Up Paramount Pictures
1934 You Belong To Me Paramount Pictures
1934 The Lemon Drop Kid Paramount Pictures
1934 College Rhythm Paramount Pictures
1935 Four Hours to Kill! Paramount Pictures
1935 Captain Hurricane RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1935 She RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1935 The Return of Peter Grimm RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1936 The Milky Way Paramount Pictures
1936 You Can't Buy Luck RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1937 I Promise To Pay Columbia Pictures Corp.
1937 Doctor's Diary Paramount Pictures
1937 The Last Train From Madrid Paramount Pictures
1937 Fit For A King RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
1937 The Wrong Road Republic Pictures Corp.
1938 King of the Newsboys Republic Pictures Corp.
1938 Secrets of a Nurse Universal Pictures
1939 I Stand Accused Republic Pictures Corp.
1939 Gambling Ship Universal Pictures
1939 Mystery of the White Room Universal Pictures
1939 Calling All Marines Republic Pictures Corp.
1940 His Girl Friday Columbia Pictures Corp.
1940 Girls of the Road Columbia Pictures Corp.
1941 Power Dive Paramount Pictures
1944 And Now Tomorrow Paramount Pictures
1945 Divorce Monogram Pictures Corp.
1945 Strange Holiday Elite Pictures

Helen Mack
Nov. 13, 1913 - Aug. 13, 1986


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  Helen tried out for the lead actress role (Toy, a dockside saloon girl) in "Wharf Angel (1934)", which ended up going to Dorothy Dell. Dorothy died in a car crash at the age of 19. Read more here.


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"Lux Radio Theater" with Director Cecil B. DeMille and cast of John Howard, Gary Cooper and Helen Mack


Date Episode Credit
Hollywood On The Air 3/29/1933 Interview  
Lux Radio Theater 11/2/1936 "The Virginian" Director / Producer / Actress
Lincoln Highway Radio Show 6/1/1940 Listing  
To The President 11/29/42 "Miracle in 3-B" Actress
Myrt and Marge 1941-42 "Marge"
The Marlin Hurt and Beulah Show 7/16/1945 Listing Director / Producer
The Affairs of Ann Scotland 1946-47 Director
 A Date With Judy 1/23/45 - 11/3/49 Listing Director / Producer
The Adventures Of The Saint 1/22/50 - 7/15/51 Listing Director
The Man From Homocide 9/16/50 Listing Director / Producer
Richard Diamond, Private Detective 1/12/51-3/30/51 Listing Director / Producer
Meet Corliss Archer Director
The Amazing Mrs. Danberry Director
The Alan Young Show Director / Producer
The Beulah Show Producer
The Saints And The Sinners 5/21/1970 Listing Director

Contributors: Ann Gallon, Rich Pratz, Jim Cox

References: Radio Crime Fighters (McFarland, 2002), RadioGOLDINdex


Helen as "Marge" from the "Myrt and Marge" program, circa 1941-42. Helen is the one on the right in the picture below.

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Broadway Plays





12/26/1923 Neighbors

Child actor (Helen Macks)

1926 Dybbuc

Child actor

Neighborhood Playhouse

9/24/1929 Subway Express

Actress (Helen Mack)

11/3/1965 Mating Dance


Eugene O'Neill Theatre

1971 Everybody Has To Be Somebody


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Date Episode


Daniel Boone 

2/2/67 #78: "The Jasper Ledbedder Story"



3/25/69 #27: "A Baby's a Nice Nuisance"


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